Television shapes the way we see the world. It transcends class, race and gender to reach a vast audience all over the world. Guerillascope provides comprehensive TV analysis reports for clients looking to target particular pockets of this television universe, with our team constructing cost-efficient TV plans centred on the TV channels, day parts and programming identified by our television analysis as viable routes towards a return on your investment.

Utilising every ounce of our expertise gathered through over ten years experience, Guerillascope provides a detailed TV analysis service designed to cover any possible queries you may have regarding television. Implementing a systematic, well-versed procedure we can answer questions such as what channels are the most popular, at what times are they producing the best figures and what demographic, if any, is bringing in the ratings. The process could not be any easier. Simply by giving us a call we will respond with a quick and professional TV analysis report catering to your specific needs. To find out exactly how we can help you give us a call on 020 7352 0555.